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Toynol® FS-600 Series Low Foam Wetting Agents

Chemical Composition

Modified Acetylenic Diol Surfactants (Nonionic)

Product Features

Foam control wetting agents are ideally suited to waterborne systems 

Improve the ability to wet various substrates under dynamic conditions 

Low static and dynamic surface tension 

Enhance flow and levelling 

Do not cause foaming 

Silicone- and oil-free

APEO free, non-toxic

Typical Properties

AppearanceYellow liquidYellow liquidYellow liquidYellow liquidYellow liquidYellow liquid
APHA Color<350<350<350<350<350<350
Active Content100%100%100%100%85%100%
Cloud Point (5%)34①32①38①64②>100>100
Foaming CharacteristicDefoamingDefoamingLow foamingLow foamingLow foamingLow foaming
SolubilitySlightly solubleSlightly solubleSlightly solubleSolubleSolubleSoluble
Surface Tension(0.1%)1b/s31.433.935.141.454.251.0
Notes 1b/s Static, 6b/s Dynamic, ①Ether, ②Water

Recommended Applications 

Waterborne inks, varnishes, adhesives and non-stick coatings

Waterborne automotive coatings

Can coatings

Fountain solutions

If want to know about application please see Toynol®additives applications guide

Addition Levels

0.2 -2 wt.% Optimal concentration levels should be determined by running aladder study.



This product should be sealed and placedin a dry, cool, well-ventilated place at room temperature away from firesource. For any other information, please refer to MSDS.

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